Ethyl Acetate - Speciality Chemicals

“ Ethyl Acetate is an environment-friendly solvent and is popularly denoted as a Green Solvent”.

Fostering Green Chemistry through Ethyl Acetate availability

At IOL, we recognise that the successful introduction of a truly sustainable chemicals industry is one of the great challenges that the world faces today. In the last three decades, we have made an indelible mark as one of the largest manufacturers of the ‘green solvent’ Ethyl Acetate across the globe. IOL first commenced manufacturing Ethyl Acetate in 1996, with a starting capacity of 3000 tonnes per annum. Today, the Company has grown this business to become the largest single location plant in India, with a production capacity of 100000 tonnes per annum.




A Green Solvent

Ethyl Acetate is considered to be one of the chemicals that has the least negative environmental impact. Due to its low environmental impact, it is also popularly denoted as a ‘Green Solvent’. Solvents are widely recognized to be of great environmental concern. These concerns arise in three areas: the source and synthesis of the solvent itself; its properties in use, including accidental discharge; and finally disposal. The reduction of their use is one of the most important aims of green chemistry. The principal reason why solvents are of great environmental concern is that they are used in vast quantities. It is normal in chemicals production for the solvent to be used in large excess in comparison with the reactants and products. It has been estimated that at least half of the material used in the production of a pharmaceutical is solvents. In addition to this, the appropriate selection of solvent for a process can greatly improve the sustainability of a chemical production process.


Following are the main applications:

  • Printing and Packaging Industry
  • Inks Industry
  • Adhesives Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Paints & Thinners Industry
  • Agrochemicals & Pesticides Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry