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Who we are

To help you reach your next business goal, we live our values in everything we do, provide premium service at every step, and always put people first.

Putting people first at every step, IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited is a purpose and service-driven Active Pharma Ingredients (API) Products, Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals Company. Driven by principles of excellence, successful innovation and global leadership, IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited is one of the best pharmaceuticals and specialty chemical companies across the globe built on a prolific history of progress and expansion over three decades. Built on a strong foundation of trust, reliability, vision, and partnership, we galvanize our workers into thinking bigger and aiming higher. Our expanding product portfolio will provide a hands-on, realistic solution to today’s healthcare problems. Today, IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited as emerged as the best pharma API manufacturing company because we invest in people, experience and passion.






R&D Employees
We are one of the top specialty chemical companies in the world with substantive manufacturing capacities that lend us economies of scale and cost supremacy. As a well-integrated pharma API manufacturing company, we have evolved our scale, leadership, operational excellence, service delivery and scale, thus making us invincible in the global pharmaceutical market.

Given our extensive expertise in specialty chemicals, which provides us a foundation for diversified growth opportunities and strengthens our business model, we have cemented our position as the one of the pioneer pharmaceuticals and specialty chemical manufacturing companies in the world.

Trust us for the large diversified product portfolio, the express service delivery and the cost effective manufacturing, IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited has been transforming the pharmaceutical industry for more than three decades now. We have a range of APIs portfolio across many therapeutic categories such as Pain Management, Anti-diabetic, Anti-hypertensive, and Anti-convulsant, among others. As one of the leading API pharma companies, we are the only backward integrated organizations producing all Intermediates and Key Starting Materials (KSMs) of ibuprofen.

At IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited, we pursue the highest standards in all that we do. Through operations, innovation, quality and dedicated customer service, IOL has become a force to reckon with.

Our vision is to be among the best specialty chemical companies across the globe. We also want to be the most admired and sought-after API pharma companies in the world. We aspire to contribute to green and sustainable pharmacy by proper use of the pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals.


Our Mission
Through continuous research, development, we want to manufacture a wide range of innovative pharmaceutical products that will bring about a change in human lives. Also, making it possible to provide top quality products in APIs, Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals through cutting-edge and innovative technologies, with utmost regard for safety and environment.


IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited celebrates a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, honesty and support. Here, we believe in people-first approach and go the extra way to challenge them to deliver their best. As the best specialty chemical company, we are always experimenting, innovating and strategizing to solve your problems and understand your long-term goals. We believe values bring character to any organization that help build leaders in the future.

"When you deal with IOL, you do so with ultimate peace of mind."

Our Promise

IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited is a trusted partner for delivering high quality products. Our fundamental value system ensures that we stand by our commitments. With strict manufacturing protocols to comply with, our products adhere to the highest quality standards. As one of the leading pharmaceuticals and specialty chemical manufacturing companies, we emphasize on after-sales service by ensuring meaningful support and assistance to our customers, globally.

At IOL, we nurture an ambience of respect, integrity, inclusion and teamwork. We understand the value of a trusted partner in business and invest time in developing a partnership. As a leading pharma API manufacturing company, we don’t believe in immediate gain but in longtime credibility and therefore, we have strict protocol to comply with our strategic alliances. We always act with utmost integrity and respect towards all our staff, partners and clients and celebrate an ambience of diversity at the workplace. At IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited, expect nothing but highest standards of professionalism and striving for perfection in all we do.

What makes IOL a preferred partner?

We are the largest manufacturers of Ibuprofen and the leading manufacturers of metformin and ethyl acetate. When it’s IOL, don’t worry about optimal economies of scale and costs of production. This makes IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited the best pharma API manufacturing company in the world.
Robust manufacturing
As the leading specialty chemical manufacturing companies across the world, we have built a reputation of maintaining the highest GMP standards and quality.
IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited adopts the most stringent protocols to monitor and ensure high-quality products and services reach our customers.
Promises kept
Given our continual improvement and seamless transactions, the on-time delivery and hassle-free after-sales service of IOL — best pharma API manufacturing company — are always the talking point of the industry.
We maintain lasting and rewarding relationships with all our stakeholders.