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“We believe that employees who find meaning at their workplace, often strive to deliver to the best of their capacities and push the organisation one step closer to realising its goals.”

Charging up talent at IOL

The current business environment is dynamic and requires companies like IOL to stay highly agile and resilient to tap new opportunities while overcoming unpredictable challenges. As we work on formulating significant business strategies; assessing our processes and systems; and equipping our operations with cutting-edge technologies, we also realise the undeniable importance of having a strong talent pool.

To fuel our growth even in the highly-competitive scenarios, we focus on reallocating talent in ways that help us to capture the real value our most important asset – our human capital. We believe that it is with the continuous support of our people that IOL has been able to deliver lasting value to its clients, generate profitability and stay undeterred during crises. Therefore, we continuously monitor growth and development in our employees and implement learning strategies to enhance their productivity.Our human resources team is always at the forefront of devising and executing various development programs for our employees to ensure that they are fully updated with the current market trends, industry guidelines, improved client servicing processes, and latest technology, amongst others. At IOL, while we are always looking forward to strengthening our talent pool with new recruits, we also regularly invest in retraining our existing employees to enhance their skills and productivity levels. To this end, we arrange various training workshops and sessions round the year to ensure that our human capital receives the best job-based and behavioural training. Our development programs include internal and external trainings to match the requirements of the evolving industry dynamics.

Workforce - IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited

Encouraging our people to push boundaries

Customer-centric organisations are always reinventing methods to deliver only the best value to their customers. Similarly, at IOL, we relentlessly work on providing meaningful service to our clients that help us to maintain lasting relationships with them. Our people are passionate about their work. When it comes to decision making, our team is courageous to explore new growth prospects and implement strategies to win in challenging endeavours. To offer best-in-class products and services, we need to focus on building strong capabilities that our employees need. Therefore, we work on strengthening the overall skill set of our employees, which in turn increases the value they generate for the organisation. We motivate our people to bring out the best in them by ensuring a collaborative and performance-oriented work culture.

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Being a purpose-driven company

We believe that employees who find meaning at their workplace, often strive to deliver to the best of their capacities and push the organisation one step closer to realising its goals. Therefore, at IOL, we lay great emphasis on our mission and purpose, and encourage our employees to be the part of our journey. While we aim to be amongst the most admired companies in APIs and Specialty Chemicals, our purpose is to make a meaningful difference in the communities that surround us. While we formulate ways to contribute and bring positive change in the environment and society, we are proud of our employees and humbled by the support that they extend in this process.

There is just so much value that our employees have been bringing to IOL since day one and taking us closer to our vision, with every passing day. There is just so much we can achieve together!

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