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R&D Employees

With over three decades of experience, IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited is providing the best quality products to the customers, thanks to the robust team of leadership and the reliable and supreme integrity of each engineer and staff in the research and development team.

At IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited , we believe the only way we can expand, outdo and reinvent ourselves is by continuous evaluation and research. Coupled with our esteemed team of R&D, we work on continuously pushing the boundaries of innovations, which can drive product and manufacturing science forward. We believe in continuous improvements, and development of new products. Our experienced staff is fully able to deliver the requirements of every market, customize the solution and product according to their needs.

As an API research pharmaceutical company, we find answers to crucial healthcare queries and also focus our energy on partnering with the best in business to deliver customer-driven solutions for the current and future drug needs of pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

As a leading API pharma plant, IOL CP Ltd maintains the highest GMP standards and quality.

Our R&D efforts concentrate on delivering products that solve the target customers’ problems. A quality product creates unshakeable customer loyalty and as an active pharmaceutical ingredients development company, we ensure uninterrupted supply of high quality products. While we do this, we also ensure eco-friendly practices and encourage customers to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

As a leading API manufacturing facility , we have a R&D team that is responsible and capable of creating new knowledge, innovating it and bringing it to life through products and services.

IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited has three decades of experience in engineering, research and development. Our technical solutions are superior, dynamic, and reliable. With a worldwide network of centers of excellence and production sites, we have emerged as one of the world’s best active pharmaceutical ingredients research companies.

Generic API Research

Research and Development - IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited

As one of the pioneering API manufacturing facilities in the world, IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited mainly focuses on the research of generics for therapeutic categories like Pain management, Drugs acting on Central Nervous Systems, Anti allergic drugs and lifestyle-related diseases such as Cardiovascular drugs, Anti Diabetics and Anti-ulcer drugs.

Our main aim as an API development pharmaceutical company is to meet the specific needs of every customer. During our research and development, we maintain close contact with our users and regularly incorporate their feedback into the process. This makes our products more customer and user-friendly.

IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited is amongst the leading API partners for pharmaceutical companies across the world. We have a prominent presence in domestic and international markets. We have state-of-the-art R&D centres situated in Punjab, India. As a leading API pharma plant, we possess expertise in specialised chemistries such as Grignard reactions, Cyanation and Bromination reactions, High temperature high pressure reactions (Temperature up to 220oC and pressure up to 35 kg/cm2), Hydrogenation reactions (up to 20 kg/cm2), Chiral Resolution, Sodium metal reactions, Propylene, Chlorine and HCl gas-based reactions along with other varied chemical reactions.

When it comes to research and development, we always believe in customer oriented solutions and focus on 100% backward integration. As API development pharmaceutical company, we use indigenously available raw materials, concentrate on in-house manufacturing of Key Starting Materials and intermediates and continuously monitor quality and cost.

Our API R&D function is backed by a team of 50 qualified and dedicated researchers with highly specialised qualification in Chemistry/Technology like PDF, Ph.D. in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, Master in Science, and Master in Pharmacy.

At IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited, R&D division works round the clock and operates 24*7. It is well equipped with full-fledged process development laboratory with advanced analytical laboratory having advanced instruments such as LC-MS, Multi gradient High Performance Liquid Chromatography with PDA, RI and UV detectors, Gas Chromatography with Head space analysers, Malvern 3000 and 2000 particle size analyser, Infrared Spectroscopy, Ultraviolet spectroscopy and Digital Polarimetry. Our R&D function has tied up with domestic and international universities and testing laboratories for specialised and rare analytical requirements.

At IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited, our R&D is integrated by cGMP Pilot Plant (PP) for scale up trials. The PP is equipped with 0.5 KL to 1.0 KL SS and Glass lined Reactors, Powder Processing Area with HVAC system and Microniser with other supporting equipment and utility supply including oil heating system.

As an active pharmaceutical ingredients research company, we have in-depth experts in engineering, science and pharma combined with extensive software skills. All these resources culminate to form our holistic research and development team and help us to make the future together.

Intermediates Research

Our R&D division supports IOL’s Policy of 100% Atmanirbhayta for Key Starting Materials (KSMs) for all Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) manufactured by IOL. All KSMs are developed and manufactured in-house such as Isobutylbenzene (IBB) for Ibuprofen, O-tolylbenzonitrile (OTBN) for Sartan series of products, and SABA HCl for Levetiracetam, amongst others, which is rare to see in other Indian API companies. Furthermore, this gives our customers the assurance of uninterrupted supply of the APIs.

Also, at IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited, we are aware of the safety and regulatory requirements and implement them in our workplace. We ensure highest stands of safety management into our daily routine, thus making it one of the most reliable API manufacturing facilities in the world.