A Great Place to Work

A stimulating working environment is essential for our people. As part of the IOL team, we offer global career opportunities, personal and professional growth, challenging and exciting work, opportunity to work with a dedicated and innovative team, and outstanding rewards and recognition programmes that are directed towards building an efficient and capable workforce.

We, at IOL, often address the organisation as the IOL family, which reflects the love affection and bonding of all. Our Motto, “Stay Together - Stay Focused” drives us to work as a team, respect one another and welcome constructive criticism.

Work Culture - IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited

“For IOL, its employees are the cornerstone of the organisation’s continued and consistent success. It is their relentless dedication and commitment to our vision that has resulted in IOL’s sustained growth.”

IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited (IOL) is a progressive company that sees its people as the organisation’s nucleus. We believe in fostering a performance-led progress, which is aligned with the broader vision and mission of our organisation.

IOL maintains a razor sharp focus on creating and nurturing a people-centric culture in the organisation, which is founded on the bedrocks of trust and engagement. By doing this, we aim to unite the management and the workforce through a common vision that not only focuses on success but also endeavours to be a great place to work.

Hiring With Care

We are always looking for people who have the zeal to perform challenging tasks. We are excited to meet new talents who understand IOL’s mission and are willing to contribute to the organisational goals by being a part of our team.

Our competency-based recruitment and selection includes highly skilled and freshers from the top ranked institutions across India. Furthermore, we look for aspirants who connect with our objectives, show team work and have the willingness to perform under different circumstances.

Partnering Progress

Employees, at IOL, act as strategic partners in the overall growth trajectory of the organization and have the ability to perform in dynamic business scenarios.
Our Human Resource Strategies:

  • Mitigation of risk by devising appropriate Succession Planning Strategies,
  • Identification of top-performers and non-performers,
  • Continuous measurement of the effectiveness of leadership and employee satisfaction (surveys),
  • Increased employee engagement through appropriate measures,
  • Reward and recognition measures,
  • Adjustment of recruitment and training to competency gaps,
  • Specifying well-defined Job Descriptions, which map to the organisation structure. This becomes the basis of Recruitment, Goal Setting, Training, Performance Evaluation and Career Enhancement.

The Company’s Mission and its Values:

Box 1 Image
  • Employees from all across the Indian geography, oneness in diversity
Employees Freedom  - IOL  Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Employees from all across the Indian geography, oneness in diversity
Box 1 Image
  • Employees from all across the Indian geography, oneness in diversity