• Regular donation of plants and tree guards to the Forest Department
  • Donation of plants and tree guards to over 10 villages for creating a green cover in the region

Sustainable Practices

  • Modern and well-equipped effluent treatment operations with constant upgradation in line with the latest technological advancements
  • Installation of STP with advanced technology and usage of treated water for maintaining green belts around the factory premises
  • Regular and periodic monitoring of air emissions, VOC, soil, ground water and treated water with regular reporting to appropriate authorities
  • Regular recycling of solvents after distillation in highly efficient and structured packed columns to achieve enhanced recovery
  • Automation and closed loop processes for better process control
  • Energy Conservation Cell for optimum utilisation of natural resources and process technology advancements
  • “GO Green” principles, with special emphasis for designing environment- friendly Production processes
  • With respect to energy conservation, guidelines are in place to use passive techniques for heating, cooling, and air flow, improve air conditioning and heating systems and use of natural light and insulation
  • National Award for Green Chemistry by the Government of India has been awarded to the Mono Chloro Acetic Acid and Acetyl Chloride units for their innovation to use dual technology

Waste Management

  • Storage of hazardous waste in separate dedicated facility in environmentally sound manner and disposal through authorised recyclers or incineration facilities
  • Biomedical waste disposal through authorised common biomedical waste facilities

Environment All Efforts