Our Collaborations

  1. Helping Hands Club, Ludhiana– Established in 2010, Helping Hands Club is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) working towards the improvement and betterment of Children, Education & Literacy, and Information & Communication Technology (ICT), amongst others. It further emphasizes on the promotion and awareness of sustainable development.

    In collaboration with the Helping Hand Club, we have actively worked towards improving the quality of life of senior citizens of the vicinity by providing building material for an OLD AGE HOME. In addition to this, we have also extended our support to special children by providing them with the necessary comforts to live a balanced life.
  2. Nishkam Sewa Samiti, Barnala– Nishkam Sewa Samiti is registered NGO, which helps unprivileged people by providing necessary medical treatment. Moreover, the NGO also ensures comfortable treatment by offering food facilities to the patients and their families. IOLCP, at regular intervals, makes significant donations to the organization to help them meet the basic needs of the underserved sections of society.
  3. Ram Bag Committee, Barnala– Ram Bag Committee is an NGO, which runs and maintains a Dispensary. IOLCP provides necessary medicines to the dispensary as per their requirements, which further helps the dispensary doctors in treating their patients.